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Altes Kurhotel Pforzheim Wedding / Verena & Simon

Altes Kurhotel Pforzheim Wedding Verena & Simon Altes Kurhotel, Wedding location in Pforzheim Ich bin sehr gesegnet, dass ich als Hochzeitsfotograf so viele wundervolle Menschen treffen darf. Want to learn in person how to make such images? Check out my nearest...

Nillhof Black Forest Wedding / Méabh & Philipp

I love nature very much, especially forest and mountains. I have never thought in my life that I will actually live in a national park. Moreover, not just any other park but the Black Forest itself. Since 2015, we are blessed to live here and I have totally fallen in love with this place. I did an engagement and an after wedding shooting in this area, and I was really looking forward to photographing my first Black Forest Wedding.
This is where Méabh and Philipp join the story. I got very excited after our lovely skype chat. This two are friendly-easy-loving personalities and a reportage of their international rustic open-air wedding on the top of the hill at Nillhof sounded fantastic.

Küsnacht Wedding at Zurich, Switzerland / Rahel & Simon

My job as a photographer gives me an opportunity to travel to many beautiful places such as Switzerland. I have been blessed with a chance to visit this amazing country many times in the last couple of years, and I must say this is one of my favorites in Europe. So when Simon reached out to me and asked if I could photograph their wedding day at Küsnacht I was really excited about it. As a wedding photographer in Zurich, I have visited many beautiful locations around the Zürichsee, and there is no wander why people are getting married in this area. Spoiler alert: many lake pictures are coming 😉

Hoher Darsberg – Heidelberg Wedding / Viola & Peter

As a wedding photographer I get to visit many beautiful wedding locations and get to meet many wonderful people. However some of the places I visit and people I meet are really special. This is exactly the case. Viola and Peter are such a lovely couple, I had a privilege to photograph them during 3 days at different occasions and loved this time together. We had so much fun and I especially enjoyed our after wedding shooting. But this blog post is about their beautiful wedding at Hoher Darsberg wedding location nearby Heidelberg.

The Best of 2016

Hi everyone! The 2016 is over and it is time to have a look at how it was. I’ve made a small selection of some of my favorite photographs from the last year. Choosing them was a hard task indeed: it is probably not even 0,5 percent from the total amount of wedding pictures that I took in 2016. The main criteria was to select from the couple shootings only. Just the two of them…mostly.

It was a great year, I got to know many wonderful people and photograph their love ♥

I love what I do and can’t wait to see what the 2017 will bring. #followyourpassion

Evelyn & Dennis – Engagement photo shoot in Pforzheim

One of the most frequent statements I get from couples that I photograph is “we don’t really know what to do in front of the camera” or “what should we do? Can you help us?”. Yes sure, I can and I will help, but you don’t have to be models to get beautiful pictures! All you need to do is to love each other and to not be afraid to show it in front of a photographer. Your love is always “photogenic”, every experienced photographer would tell you this. Evelyn and Denis were not different and told me almost the same. But the result we have gotten shows us just the opposite.

Verena & Simon – After wedding shoot in Pforzheim

Hi friends. Just a little while ago I posted an after wedding photo shoot in the Schwarzwald forest but this time I took my beautiful couple Verena and Simon to a bright and open place near by Pforzheim. I came there in the morning to check timings and Sun’s position for our shoot so I could know exactly when to start it. (I used one of the many apps for smartphones that allow you to see where and when the Sun will be in a “live view”). The light and location were perfect, Verena and Simon looking gorgeous. Couldn’t be better.

Daniela & Raphael – After wedding shooting in Schwarzwald

An After Wedding photo shooting is a wonderful possibility to make some extraordinary photographs. You can do it anywhere you want using the best location that comes to your mind, the best weather and time of the day. If you would ask me about the only one advice for your wedding – an after wedding shoot would be it.

This time it was something special. Daniela and Raphael wanted to have some pictures in the beautiful nature of Southern Germany and my location suggestion was the Schwarzwald forest. I personally love forest very much and I happy that I live at a beautiful place surrounded with it. For our photo shoot I also got some smoke bombs (totally safe for people and the environment) to give it a bit wilder feel. I think they did the job wonderfully.

Katya & Sasha – adventurous elopement shoot

There are people in your life that are more than just friends, they are family; those people that you would do anything for them and they would do anything for you. Katya and Sasha are such people in my life. We know each other for a long time, we have been through many things together.
Unfortunately when they were getting married I could not make it to be there with them and also to take any pictures. Since then I have been dreaming to make a beautiful photo shoot for Katya and Sasha. And some weeks ago it was finally possible to do. We went to a nice field near their house and used the best time of the day for our shoot. I wanted it to be intimate, emotional, fun and real at the same time, just like the guys are. And I think we did it just so.

Wedding photography in Paris

Hooray! We have launched our new project for wedding planing and wedding photography in Paris and entire France! Meet the Marry Me Paris! Go check it out. It is only in Russian for now but very soon we are going to make an English version as well.

Especially for this purpose (to start a new wedding project in France) last August our team went to Paris to make several after wedding photo and video shoots. I’ve been fortunate to meet wonderful people and also very talented photographer Olga Murenko, wedding cinematographer Max Tuzhilin and wedding planer Olga Prokopieva and to become a part of their team.

Natalia & Eugen – Romantic wedding photos near Baden-Baden

Hi everyone.
Last month I had a very nice wedding of Natalia and Eugen to photograph. It was at Event-Hangar E210 right at the Baden Airpark airport near Baden-Baden. I usually come a bit earlier to have a look around and find some nice spots for a possible photo shoot. Knowing that the wedding will be on a territory of the airport I did not realize what does this mean exactly – you are locked! There is not a single way out of this place (except the main road), there is a fence everywhere and no good place to make an open air weeding photo shoot. I decided to take a ride around a look for a better place. I was really surprised to find a beautiful field 5 minutes away from the airport.

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