My first ever wedding shooting or 2006 vs. 2015

My first ever wedding shooting or 2006 vs. 2015

Long ago at 2006 when the digital photography was getting to the masses I did my first ever wedding photo shooting. My good friends Natasha & Sergey asked me to make some photos at their wedding. I gladly agreed. At that time I was already in love with photography but I had no idea that it will become my biggest passion and a full-time job.

My beautiful wife Susi

Just some days ago my beautiful wife Susi and me came back from the wedding of my brother Vadim in Odessa, Ukraine. It was a good trip and even better wedding. I was honored to photograph it ans soon I will post a full photo report from it, BUT this post’s topic...

Hello World ;)

Hello everybody! We are very excited to start our new project in wedding photography! Hope you will enjoy our work and join us in this beautiful trip called True Love!