Long ago at 2006 when the digital photography was getting to the masses I did my first ever wedding photo shooting. My good friends Natasha & Sergey asked me to make some photos at their wedding. I gladly agreed. At that time I was already in love with photography but I had no idea that it will become my biggest passion and a full-time job.

That day I used my Kiev19 film camera and borrowed from the groom Canon PowerShot A610.  And an interesting thing is that Natasha & Sergey still have the album that I’ve printed for them from the film that I’ve used back then, but all the digital photos have been lost. Later on our life went in to different directions  how it often happens with friends, I moved to Germany and they moved to Israel. After about 5 or 6 years we met again. They came over to Germany and we had a great time talking about everything that happened for the last years. Many things changed but they are still the same funny, full of life crazy couple that I knew 🙂

First wedding shooting 2006 vs 2015

I had a look at my photo archive and found some of those old digital photos. If you will be interested to see some more from my first wedding shooting – leave a comment 😉

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