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Ivelina and Simone – Wedding in Rüschlikon, Switzerland

This is one of those weddings when you can not stop smiling or crying…or both together. And I must say it is one of my most favorite ones; very sensitive, romantic, tender and true.

At our pre-wedding meeting with Ivelina and Simone in Konstanz from the first minutes I’ve got a feeling that this wedding is going to be special. And it definitely was. Since our team arrived to “GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute” (wedding venue in Rüschlikon) we have felt a good atmosphere, everybody were smiling and enjoying the day. And when Ivelina and Simone saw each other for the first time that day this when we understood that is day is going to be very emotion and beautiful. All I was worrying about is do not miss any of those beautiful moments.

Vitalina & Sergey – Family photo shoot at the Kiev Sea

There are those people in your life that you always glad to see, they can easily make you laugh and next to them you can be just yourself. At my last visit to my hometown Kiev I had a chance to photograph a wonderful couple of my good friends – Vitalina and Sergey. I was really glad about this opportunity. We know each other for more than 12 years already and I must say that they had a huge impact on my life, especially Sergey. I am very thankful for people like this in my life. Even thou we can’t see each other very often we still stay close and really open. This connection helped to make as natural photographs as they can only be.

Those Looks – The Best Of 2015

During a wedding all the attention goes to Bride & Groom and there is no surprise in it. They look gorgeous, they are full of love and beautiful emotions. But how often do we look at those who look at them? Sounds somehow weird 🙂 but seriously, we don’t really pay that much attention to what is going on around especially at a wedding ceremony. And this blog post is all about Those Looks how the closest people to Bride and Groom are looking at them. I think they are so powerful and tender and show so much love.

Details and Decor – The Best Of 2015

My previous blog post about Creative ideas in wedding photography is more for those who actually takes pictures. This time I want to show you some of the best wedding Details & Decor photographs that I took last year. And if you are going to get married this year it may give you some fresh ideas.

Creative Ideas: lighting – composition – point of view – The Best Of 2015

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all doing just fine. Today I continue The Best Of 2015 series (Part 1, Part 2) with a new selection which might be interesting for wedding photographers as well: “Creative Ideas: lighting, composition, point of view”. This time I want to share some ideas and to show how you could use your lighting equipment and different points of view to get some interesting shots.

Romantic and Tender – The Best Of 2015

Last week I’ve started a new blog posts series “The Best Of 2015” and today is the time for the next category: “Romantic & Tender”.

Obviously most of the times weddings meant to be romantic and you can choose almost any photo and it would fit to this category. But I’ve tried to select different moments from several wedding photo shootings which are especially tender.

Emotional Moments – The Best Of 2015

Hello my friends! It’s been a while since my last blog post and I am sorry for keeping you waiting 😉 But the Blog is getting a totally new look and a new life together with a new website! So let the journey begin!

I want to announce a new series of blog posts: “The Best Of 2015”. For the next couple of weeks I will post several selections of many beautiful pictures in deferent categories. And today’s one is called “Emotional Moments”.

Desi & Hannes – Beautiful styled shoot at sunset in Niefern

Am Ende des Tages konnte unsere Begeisterung gar nicht enden, wir waren von den Emotionen einfach überwältigt…herrliche Location und Wetter, super Team, wunderschönes Paar Desi & Hannes…tolles Style Shooting Ergebnis. Ein Konzept, dass Spaß und Freude gemacht hat! Noch mehr Begeisterung löste aber das stillvoll gekleidete Brautpaar in uns aus.

Darja & Panagiotis – Wedding at Schloss Rauischholzhausen

Hello friends.

I would like to share with you some photos from a recent wedding shooting that I did in Schloss Rauischholzhausen. We had a great time together with Darja & Panagiotis at this day. The weather was perfect, the location is amazing and just married couple – is even better 🙂 all I could wish is more time, is never enough when you have those earlier described components.

My first ever wedding shooting or 2006 vs. 2015

Long ago at 2006 when the digital photography was getting to the masses I did my first ever wedding photo shooting. My good friends Natasha & Sergey asked me to make some photos at their wedding. I gladly agreed. At that time I was already in love with photography but I had no idea that it will become my biggest passion and a full-time job.

Violetta & Juri – Love Story photo shoot in Bad Wimpfen

Some weeks ago we got a call from Violetta asking about a love story photo shooting with her boyfriend Juri. It had to be a gift for his 30th birthday. And knowing us men and our “big love” of posing in front of a camera I asked if it would be a really good surprise for Juri 🙂 Violetta assured me that there should be no problems with it, and there weren’t! We had a great time together in Bad Wimpfen. Our shooting took place in old town area and I took many nice shots of this beautiful couple.

The Best of 2014 |

2014 was definitely a wonderful year for True Love Photography! We’ve done many beautiful shootings and met even more amazing people! And this is what our work is really about: people. It is such a strong feeling watching back remembering every single shoot, every single couple, all the True Love we’ve been able to capture.

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